Staring up your desktop computer and being welcomed with hard drive malfunction can be a heart-
wrenching moment. Very important personal documents, files and tons of other data will quickly
come to mind as you brace yourself for the worst – losing everything.

However, Data Recovery South Africa gives you the opportunity to change this outcome. We offer
fast and efficient desktop data recovery by utilising our industry leading recovery equipment. We
can run the service around South Africa as we are a national corporation, and boast a firm privacy
agreement to make sure that any and all important data is kept entirely private.

Data Recovery is carried out in our class 100 clean room – a facility that guarantees that there’s no
damage to the hard drive when opened for the recovery procedure. Data is then reverted safely
onto an external hard drive.

For more information about desktop data recovery, talk to one of our consultants at Data Recovery
SA now.