Deleting an important file can happen in a matter of seconds, and it can have catastrophic results. If
you’ve lost a project that has taken you weeks, or even months to put together, or you have deleted
data that might be of personal significance, Data Recovery SA can and will assist you.

Data Recovery SA offers speedy yet efficient file data recovery of deleted items, utilising advanced
technology and tools. Whether the data had been saved on a USB flash drive, laptop, desktop
computer or an external hard drive, we have the capabilities to recover the deleted files. Every bit of
data recovered will be restored and return to you on an external hard drive, while operating under
strict confidentiality policies.

At Data Recovery SA, we are assured in our capabilities, which is why there is no charge if we are
unable to recover any lost data. For more information about recovering deleted files, get in contact
with one of our skilled consultants today and they will help you with arranging an assessment and
quotation free of charge.