With regards to hard drive data recovery, Data Recovery SA – an Intratec brand – is well-known for fast
and proficient service.

Today, hard drive malfunction is ranked as one of the main misfortunes that any business can suffer.
Regrettably, several companies have not yet adopted the practise of creating regular routine backup
options, particularly in small to medium sized corporations, and losing imperative data may lead to
weeks and weeks of backtracking.

Data Recovery SA are specialists in hard drive data recovery, having carried out over thousands of
jobs around South Africa. Where hard drive repairs and recoveries are concerned, we also have a
strict policy where there is no charge to a client if recovery was not possible – and we provide a
collect and return service in attempts to save you time.

If you are someone who happens to have lost important personal information or sentimental data
on your PC, or have suffered the loss of crucial business files, contact a consultant at Data Recovery
SA today to find out how we can assist you.