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Fast Data Recovery Services

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Specialists on the field of Tape Drive repairs since 2003. We therefore now deliver a total Data Storage Solution according to the customer’s needs.

What We Offer
  1. 6 Month Warranty on all repairs
  2. Same day emergency repairs available (only available in certain areas)
  3. All prices are applicable to genuine field failures only
  4. Only OEM Parts are used
  5. Phone us for an Obligation Free Quote
  6. We also sell Media, Cables & Terminators
On-Site Services
We offer an On-site service for customers who cannot remove the unit from site, or arrange downtime. A quotation will be issued once an engineer has done telephonic troubleshooting with the user. This quote will be subject to change ones the engineer has been on the site due to misdiagnosis.

Customized Maintenance Packages
We are able to offer three unique maintenance programs, which can be totally customized to suite the needs of the customer. The maintenance programs are Data Care Standard, Silver and Gold. Please contact us to discuss your unique maintenance program.

Our Tape Drive repairs include:
  • DAT Drives
  • DLT Drives
  • LTO Drive
  • AIT Drives
  • Autoloaders & Libraries
For more information please contact us for more information.

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Any Questions?

1My Hard drive is not detecting in the BIOS and a error comes up “no boot device present press any key to continue”
Firstly make sure all the cables to the main-board and the hard drive are connected properly while the PC is not powered, then run auto detect in the bios again if still no luck then you bring it in for data recovery if you value your data.
2My Hard drive is making a clicking sound what do I do?
Bring it in for data recovery as it most likely an electro-mechanical problem
3My PC has an I/O error when booting and cant get into my Operating system what do I do?
Firstly make sure all the cables to the main-board and the hard drive are connected properly while the PC is not powered then boot up again if that didn’t work then bring it in for data recovery.
4Can you recover any data from Flash drives or memory cards?
Yes, we can!
1What do I have to bring when bringing a hard drive in for recovery?
Just the Hard disk that has failed, neither the PC or Notebook is required. However, in any type of RAID recovery, the other disks are needed.
2My Server has failed, 5 drives and 2 have failed structured with RAID5 is it possible to recover the Data?
Yes, it is but in these cases it would be helpful to book in the controller as well.
3My Hard drive is spinning but still can not be detected in the BIOS what can I do?
If possible try another data cable if that fails to solve the problem bring it in for data recovery.